Since 1999, seven times more Americans have died in the opioid crisis than were killed in the Korean, Vietnam and Iraq Wars.

The U.S. is in the grip of a pervasive, intractable opioid abuse epidemic. In just the last two decades alone, this raging epidemic has ripped the heart out of America’s heartland, spreading to communities across the nation, claiming over 700,000 lives.

And, every hour of every day, the deadly toll rises, as do the staggering economic costs, reaching almost $80 billion a year.

But now the carnage of the opioid crisis can be stemmed, reversed and even stopped, thanks in part to a pipeline of solutions from Opimend.

In this long battle against opioid deaths, the enemy has met its match.
Opimend is here.

Opimend stands in the vanguard of fighting the devastating opioid epidemic with the development of an innovative pipeline of repurposed, safe drugs designed to mitigate both the craving for opioids and opioid’s deadly toxicity. By repurposing safe drugs, Opimend is reshaping the entire opioid crisis, giving hope where there was only despair.

So when Opimend‘s pipeline of drugs reaches the market, a milestone will also arrive: the beginning of the end of America’s devastating opioid epidemic.

Because time is running out in this horrific crisis, Opimend is fast-tracking development of a pipeline of affordable, safe, established drugs.

With over 130 people a day dying, in communities large and small all across America, each minute counts in the battle to stem this crisis. That is why Opimend is fast-tracing the development of safe, repurposed drug molecules designed to effectively combat the opioid epidemic.

At this juncture, we foresee these drugs becoming available to healthcare professionals and their patients in as little as one to three years — which won’t be a minute too soon.

Our expanding development program currently includes four repurposed drugs, in different phases of development.

We know there is no single solution to the opioid crisis.
So Opimend is providing four different solutions:

One to accelerate the absorption of anti-opiate drugs.
Enables the drugs to act in far less time.

One to reduce the need for opioids.
Mitigates the craving for opioids through safe, novel non-opioid pain relievers.

One to increase efficacy, to achieve lower doses.
Increases the efficacy of opioids, which allows safer lower doses that provide increased pain control.

One to prevent overdose death by reversing respiratory depression.
Prevents death from prescription opioid overdoses by preventing and reversing respiratory depression, the singular medical cause of opioid fatalities.

Help us to turn the Opimend pipeline of solutions into a lifeline for countless victims of this epidemic.

As hard as Opimend is working to develop and bring to market our unique and vital pipeline of solutions to the opioid crisis, we certainly can’t do this alone. That’s why we welcome interest from non-profit organizations, private and institutional investors, as well as from research organizations seeking to solve the opiate crisis.

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The sooner we hear from you, the sooner the opioid epidemic will become history.

The Opimend Management Team is proud to use their individual expertise in the fight to end the opioid crisis.

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